The Massachusetts Jump$tart Coalition has compiled the following collection of websites. Inclusion in this listing does not constitute an endorsement by the Coalition:

 For Youth

Teaching Materials

Educate Yourself

College Planning

Financial Advisors

New England Jump$tart State Coalition Websites 

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General Money Management Resources

Choosing a Bank
The non-profit MA Community & Banking Council hosts a consumer-friendly site for picking an affordable bank account that is right for you. 
My Credit Union
Created in collaboration with the Office of Consumer Protection and the National Credit Union Administration’s office, this site is dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers, resolving member complaints, and promoting financial literacy.
The Financial Clinic
The Financial Clinic builds working poor families’ and individuals’ financial security by addressing their immediate financial challenges and helping them create trajectories for long term goals.
SaveUp is a revolutionary free rewards program to help people save money and get out of debt.
Wise Bread
A resource site on all types of frugal living options. You can learn about how to manage your finances, find a job, and free or cheap things to do for fun.
My Money.Gov
A product of the US Financial Literacy and Education commission, this site is a resource for all things financial – credit,homeownership, banking, retirement, savings, and more.
Money’s Best Friend
A great resource for everything financial. Get information and tools for everything from insurance to credit to budgeting and more!
Tomorrow’s Money
Resources on how to get started in investing as a novice, provided by the Office of the Massachusetts State Treasurer.
The Bee Hive
Learn more about building a budget, filing taxes, credit, sending money, banking, buying a home and more on this site, developed by One Economy Corporation and the United Way of Massachusetts Bay & Merrimack Valley.
Find a Better Bank
Are you confused about all the banking options? This organization keeps up with the latest offers so you can search for the best one for you in your area.
Citi Office of Financial Capability
This site, organized by Citigroup, provides links and resources on credit, insurance, retirement, investing, identity theft, and more.
Wi$eUp is a program designed for Generation X & Y women, by the US Dept of Labor’s Women’s Bureau. Its goals are to promote financial security through online education and to encourage responsible saving habits for future retirement.
Paying for College
American Student Assistance(ASA)
If you’re going to college or are a recent graduate, this Boston based Non-Profit organization is a great resource for getting answers about your student loans.
Massachusetts Colleges Online
Before you start looking for online colleges check out Massachusetts Colleges Online (MCO)  for information on on-line degrees and programs of 15 community colleges and 9 state colleges in Massachusetts.
“Planning for College: A Consumer Approach to the Higher Education Marketplace”, Mass INC
The place of college in the lives of current and future generations of American families has fundamentally changed. Once the privilege of a few, college is now a virtual prerequisite for joining and remaining in the ranks of the middle class. This economic reality means more students continue their education beyond high school each year. Ironically, concurrent with this trend of increased college going, the cost of higher education has become more difficult for Americans of all backgrounds to mange. Aside from a home purchase, a college degree is now the most significant investment many families make.
Massachusetts Educational Finance Authority (MEFA)
Quasi-public state agency provides workshops, on-line ifnormation, and favorable loan products. Check out MEFA’s YouTube Channel with videos on the basics of Saving For College.
However, If you are more interested in seeing MEFA professional present in a city near you, their website’s search engine will give you listings of where and when they will.
Federal vs. Private Student Loans
Are you looking for loans to pay for college? Are you unsure of which ones are Federal and which are private? This guide, done by the Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Department of Education, clearly outlines what those differences are. Before you begin applying for loans, make sure you educate yourself on the different types available.
Here is a great source for information on budgeting and financing for college. It includes calculators to what types of scholarships are available to you.
Consumer Website on Financial Aid Options,
Compare rates, understand products, get instructions for forms, use calculators and more.
Federal Student Loan Repayment Plan (PDF)
If you currently have student loans you may qualify for the new federal government Income-Based Repayment (IBR) program, a new payment option for federal student loans that can help you keep your loan payments affordable with payment caps based on your income and family size.
Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PDF)
You may qualify for forgiveness of the remaining balance due on your federal student loans after 10 years of full-time employment at a public service or non-profit agency.
Saving For College
Find out information about college savings here.  This site provides college cost calculators, 529 planning information, and important financial aid information.